​Yuan Zheng & Associates, LLC is a New York-based boutique law firm dedicated to efficiency and superior client service.  We are privileged to represent many high profile organizations and individuals within the US and overseas.  As a prominent boutique law firm, specialized in advising Asian Americans, the firm places a very strong emphasis on diligence and care, customized-services, and professional ethics.  Every call, email or letter from our client will be responded by our staffs within 24 hours.  We believe we are obligated to promptly provide our advice and best judgment to every issue that concern the clients we serve.

Diversity is the essential feature of the firm, in which people value individual and group differences, respect the perspectives of others, and communicate openly.  We have made considerable progress in advancing opportunities for minorities, and finding ways to create career pathways for people from diverse backgrounds.  By hiring people from diverse cultures and experiences, we gain essential perspectives necessary to achieve our business and advisory objectives around the world.

This firm has a strong commitment to bringing cost-effective solutions to client matters, from the routine to the most complex.  In novel and sophisticated matters, we analyze the costs and benefits of potential strategies and work to recommend the solution that promises the greatest value to the client. 

Community service has been woven into the fabric of the firm when it was founded and we are closely involved with several civic organizations in New York City.  We believe that privileges and advantages come with a responsibility to help those less fortunate, and this conviction helps to guide our priorities as an organization.  Our Pro bono and community service programs extend to all of the regions where we and our clients work and live.

We are dedicated to provide our clients with professional services of the highest caliber.